Key books used for research

Ha-Razim: This book known as "The Book of Mysteries" contains translation of Hebrew mystic incantations from texts some of which are 2,000 years old. The book includes the actual Hebrew phrases written phonetically in English. It instructs the user on how to call upon angels to assist you and the materials required to alter your situation. Trachtenberg: This book is the best reference for Jewish Mysticism for the past 2000 years up to 1939 when it was published. The text identifies events and beliefs that have carried through to all cultures - which come from the Jewish understanding of the spirit world.

Kishuf & Segulah are these Jewish forms of magic

Mizbeach the granite stones in the Dibbuk Box

Mystic stone Altar Holy Grail

Mizbeach front
Mizbeach side Shema on back of Box

Segulah - the Dibbuk Box’s use as an altar to ask God for help

Materials gathered during research 9 linear feet

Research Dibbuk Box Research Dibbuk Box detail

Acacia wood

Used to create the Dibbuk Box Ark – the same wood used for the Jewish Temple of Solomon and to contained the Commandments Tablets the Ark of the Covenant.

Acacia Wood boards Amish who made the Containing Ark and
Dibbuk Box copy

A Real and Copy Box

Real Box left and Copy Box right
Appliqué for copy Acacia Ark in progress

Storage area for the Dibbuk Box

Box investigation

Box investigation
Huge number of Scorpion Centipedes drawn to the Box

Dibbuk Box EVP
Dibbuk Box in ritual use

Mysterious killing mold
White mold coats spider detail When Box is mocked a storm whips up on the block
throwing a 100-year old tree into the home of the mocker.

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